Protect your eyes.

Comfort or plastic grips on handles are not intended to give any degree of protection against electric shock and shall not be used on or near live electric circuits.

No area, section, or portion of a tool shall be ground, welded, reheated or otherwise altered from its original shape.

When using garden tools, keep hands and any other portions of the body away from the working or cutting portion of the tools.

Keep grips clean in order to hold securely.

Never hammer on garden tools or use garden tools as hammers.

Be careful of the sharp cutting edges of the pruner. Keep fingers away from the cutting edges. Keep blades closed when pruner is not in use. Use the safety latch to keep blades closed.

Never use pruners to cut wire, cable, nails, rod or other metal as these materials may damage the cutting edge or shearing action of the pruner.

The weeder is not intended to be used as a punch, chisel or prybar.

The hybrid soil knife teeth are not intended for sawing.

  • The cultivator is intended to be used for tilling. Do not use the cultivator as a striking device.