The Patricia Ann Story

Pat Taylor, the founder and designer of PATRICIA ANN TOOLS is no stranger to the hand tool market. She has spent her entire career working for and then owning a major manufacturer of hand tools.

Here’s her story…

"My mother gardened. She would dig in the dirt and tend to flowers with tools that bent and rusted. As a child, I worked side-by-side with her, gardening, planting and digging in the dirt. The things I learned from my mother I passed along to my daughter Patty who is also an avid gardener. Gardening with my mother evolved into a great career working for a hand tool manufacturing company.

Beautiful memories of gardening with my mother and years of experience in the hand tool business led me to design and create a line of gardening tools. These quality built tools with ergonomic handles are made from the finest materials and will last a lifetime."

Happy Gardening!